john setoCongratulations Chief John Seto on your appointment-announced in July 2012, to head the Ann Arbor, Michigan police department. He served over 20 years with the Ann Arbor Police Department. For more information , please visit the article about John Seto.
paul tanakaCongratulations to Undersheriff Paul Tanaka on his appointment to Undersheriff of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in June 2011. Undersheriff Tanaka is the second highest ranking person in the Department, & is the first Asian-American Undersheriff of Los Angeles County. For more information , please visit: Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.
mike_nguyenCongratulations to Chief Khang (MikeNguyen on his appointment to Chief of Police for the town of Hector. Chief Nguyen is the first Asian American Pacific Islander Police Chief in Minnesota. For more information , please visit: Hector Police Department.
mark_yokoyamaCongratulations to Chief Mark Yokoyama on his appointment to Chief of Police for the City of Alhambra effective June 6, 2011. For more information, please visit:Alhambra Police Department.
peter_decenaCongratulations to Chief Peter Decena on his appointment to Chief of Police for the San Jose State University Police Department effective February 2010. Leaving as Captain of the San Jose Police Department, Chief Decena brings more than 30 years of experience to the campus police. For more information, please visit: SJSU Police Department.
phan_ngoCongratulations to Deputy Chief Phan S. Ngo on his promotion to Deputy Chief of the San Jose Police Department effective February 2010. For more information, please visit: San Jose Police Department.
thomas_chanCongratulations to Assistant Chief Thomas Chan on his promotion to Assistant Chief of the New York City Police Department, effective January 2010. This promotion makes Assistant Chief Chan the highest ranking Asian American police officer in the long history of the NYPD. For more information, please visit: NYPD.
victor_songCongratulations to Chief Victor Song on his promotion to Chief of IRS-Criminal Investigation, effective January 2010. Chief Song is the highest ranking Asian American Federal Law Enforcement Officer. For more information, please visit: IRS-Criminal Investigation.
david_chongCongratulations to Commissioner David E. Chong on his appointment to Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety for the city of White Plains, NY, effective January 2010. Commissioner Chong will oversee the Police and Fire Bureau as well as Emergency Medical Services and all Hazards Planning. Prior to this appointment, Commissioner Chong, a retired NYPD Lieutenant served as Police Commissioner of the City of Mt Vernon, NY. For more information, please visit: White Plains Department of Public Safety.
blake_chowCongratulations to Commander Blake Chow on his recent promotion to Commander of Operations – Central Bureau, effective January 2010. He is the highest ranking Chinese-American Officer in the Los Angeles Police Department. For more information, please visit: LAPD.
gary_yabutaCongratulations to Chief Gary Yabuta on his appointment to Police Chief for Maui County, effective June 2009. Chief Yabuta has served Maui County for many years, having joined the Department as an Officer in 1983. For more information visit Maui Economic Development Board.
harry_kubojiriCongratulations to Chief Harry S. Kubojiri on his appointment to Police Chief of the Hawaii County Police Department on December 2008. For more information, please visit: Hawaii Police Department.
khoo_huiCongratulations to Khoo Boon Hui on his appointment as President of INTERPOL, a position he was elected to in 2008. Mr Khoo has over 30 years of police experience, including serving as Commissioner of the Singapore Police Force, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department and Police Chief of Staff. Mr Khoo also served as Senior Deputy Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs and Vice-President for Asia at INTERPOL, where he was instrumental in facilitating a Declaration of Cooperation between ASEANAPOL and INTERPOL. For more information please visit INTERPOL.
joseph_farrowCongratulations to Commissioner Joseph A. Farrow on his appointment to Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol in February 2008 by Governor Schwarzenegger. Commissioner Farrow commands 7,600 uniformed and 3,600 non-uniformed personnel. He has served with the CHP since 1979. For more information, please visit: the CHP.
jim_chuCongratulations to Chief Jim Chu on his appointment to Chief of Police at Vancouver Police Department, effective August 2007. Chief Chu also serves on the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police along with the Major Cities Chiefs Association. For more information, please visit Vancouver Police Department (Canada).